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The Doom Doc data DVD (tracked postage)


Image of The Doom Doc data DVD  (tracked postage)

IMPORTANT: In order to retain the HD quality of this film, and have it as widely compatible as possible, particularly with those in other countries, we have decided the best option is to make a Data DVD. A data DVD is simply a copy of the film as an MP4 file burned to DVD. MP4 is regarded as the most compatible file type and is playable on home PCs, laptops, phones and tablets (Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android). It will not play on all DVD players but MAY play on some modern DVD players (please check your DVD player's specification). This will leave you free to copy the film onto a memory stick/hard drive and play it on any device that supports the MP4 format. We kindly ask that you do not share this file around or upload it to the internet. This film has been a real passion project made by dedicated fans of the music and so far we are nowhere close to breaking even from the money we have put in, never mind the hard work - the money we are making from DVD sales is not profit, but simply recouping costs. We urge you to support underground DIY creativity and this wonderful passionate scene and to help more projects like this be possible by not pirating this film or sharing it to all your friends. Any questions, please get in touch.